An illustration inspired by the original tale of Snow White. In this version, the disguised stepmother had only poisoned the red side of the apple. Before giving it to a wary Snow White, she bit out of the green side of the apple to show that the apple was safe to eat. Snow White is then poisoned after taking a bite out of the red side of the apple. The illustration depicts a close up of Snow White's hand after she falls to the ground. 
The background is made with hard pastel in order to give it a uniform and stark, but also soft background. Rather than using a classic royal blue, I used slate blue for a darker mood. I took the description of Snow White having "skin as white as snow" literally and drew her hand with only a graphite pencil, allowing the white of the paper to act as the skin's pigment. The apple is painted with watercolor, in order to give it a rich, vibrant, and delicious appearance. 
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